• The world’s densest
    Soft Gel Capsule
    in Polyphenols.

100 soft natural capsules with high polyphenol content, for the protection of the cardiovascular system.

*Limited amount of production.

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Olea Health

Is olive oil with a high density of polyphenols.
The benefit of the high density polyphenols enables us to incorporate them into a soft capsule.
Olea Health contains 10-12 times more polyphenols than the minimum amount set out by regulation 432/2012, which means that with the intake of 3 capsules a day the human body receives 7-8 mg polyphenols.

Benefits of Olea Health

the cardiovascular system.

Cholesterol is transferred to the blood through proteins and it gets trapped as microsphere LDL.
The high levels of LDL cause narrowing of the arteries, which is the main cause of coronary disease.

in the olive oil reduces the levels of LDL and simultaneously increases HDL, averting the oxidization of LDL cholesterol thanks to the antioxidant substances that it contains.

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